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Montgomery Doesn't Feel Neglected

By Caillan
June 12, 2002 - 12:42 PM

Travis Mayweather may not have received much time in the spotlight during Enterprise's freshman season, but Anthony Montgomery says he isn't bothered about the lack of screen time for his 'Boomer' character.

"I don't feel he's been neglected, because the show is not called 'Travis Mayweather'; it's called Enterprise," Montgomery told Star Trek: The Magazine (via SyFy Portal). "And I'm not worried about Travis. If I was a guest star I would have been thinking, 'OK, why aren't they writing for me? Did I do something wrong?' but now I know I'm a regular, and I'm part of an ensemble. There are seven people that they have to write for. I'm fine with that, and I always feel that Travis is a part of everything that's going on. Even if he's not in the episode, you hear his comm voice."

Just like his co-star John Billingsley (Doctor Phlox), Mayweather has his character's backstory all worked out in his head. "Rick [Berman] and Brannon [Braga] may know where Travis' parents are, and how long it's been since he's seen them, but I make up all of these for myself. I made up where his last girlfriend was and how they broke up. It's just the regular things that we do in life - the only difference is that he was raised on a cargo ship. I'm sure he's got into arguments with his older brother and got grounded by his father because they went out and took the shuttlepod somewhere that they weren't supposed to go."

In season two, there's one particular part of the ship the actor would like to revisit. "I want to go back to the sweet spot," he said. "I loved that. We haven't seen Travis there since ['Broken Bow'], but it seems to me that if he wanted to go someplace to think, where would he go? He'd go to the sweet spot. If somebody was looking for him, there he'd be. That's his place to reflect."

The full interview, in which Montgomery also talked about his audition, charity work, and watching Enterprise, can be found in the latest issue of Star Trek: The Magazine. Alternatively, extracts are available at SyFy Portal.

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