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By Lisa
June 12, 2001 - 9:09 PM

  • The Official Star Trek Site is reporting the sad news that Pilar Seurat has died aged 62. The actress played Sybo, in the Original Series episode 'Wolf in the Fold.' You can read more about the actress in the official site's obituary.

  • Brazilian musician Marcos Kleine and his band 'The Kleine Project' have a full collection of various reworked Star Trek themes available to download. The band will be providing the soundtrack to the upcoming Sev Trek movie. You can find their Star Trek themes, available in mp3 or midi format, here at their web site.

  • Voyager's Delights has posted a report on last weekends Star Trek & Sci Fi Media Convention in Durham North Carolina. To read the report, follow this link to Voyager's Delights.

  • A new edition of the 'Sensor Sweep' report giving a rundown on which Star Trek alumni are appearing in the movies, is available now here at the Official Star Trek site. Most current Star Trek movie connections focus around the upcoming Disney animated feature 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire.' The film stars the voice of Leonard Nimoy (Spock) as the King of Atlantis, and features the talents of Klingon linguist Marc Okrand.

  • 'Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000,' which stars Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) has been renamed 'Dracula 2001' for its release outside the US. It is scheduled to debut in the Netherlands on June 14, in Britain on June 15, in Denmark on July 6 and in Belgium on August 15. More information about the film is available at the Official Jeri Lynn Ryan Homepage.

  •'s Star Trek Guide Julia Houston has posted a new edition of her weekly column. This week Julia looks at the subject of 'Star Trek Heroes and Lousy Childhoods.'

    Everywhere you look on Star Trek, you find great people with backgrounds to make your hair stand on end. Here's just a few examples:
    James Kirk's father died when he was very young, and his elder brother, Sam, left the home not long after, never to return. At thirteen, Kirk witnessed the massacre of 4,000 people by Kodos the Executioner.

    You can read the full article here at's Star Trek site. Two Loss Angeles teachers have hit the headlines, after using Star Trek-themed science classes to improve exam results at their school. The teachers go to school in familiar red and black uniforms, refer to their pupils as 'cadets' and hold classes on an imaginary Starship. 85% of low performing students have improved their results by at least one grade in the classes. You can read the full report about the classes here at Thanks go out to Aremis for this news!

  • Over at Delta Blues Jim Wright has put up his review of Voyager's 'Inside Man.' Jim thought the episode was 'fun' if a little average in places. You can read his full review, in which the episode is awarded 3 stars, here at Delta Blues.

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