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By Christian
June 12, 2000 - 2:33 PM

Hello World!

Hello Summer. The dip just after the end of the season, which we had last year for a while as well, seems to have appeared again. Only two news items yesterday, and things aren't looking that active today either. Fortunately Sev Trek doesn't seem to go on hiatus.

Of course, this does give me enough time to watch Euro 2000 without a guilty conscience. Yesterday's match (though we did win) was nothing to write home about, but today both Germany and England will be playing matches, so that should prove interesting to see. I probably shouldn't mention any of the results here after all - five people from America already mailed me they also were very interested in football, and were anxiously waiting to see the matches on Fox next week. I'm surprised to see that so many people in the States apparently like football, as I always was under the impression the sport didn't even exist there until they organised the World Cup. Now they just need to learn how to actually play well :-).

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

-Did you see the new Sci-Fi Channel series The Invisible Man?

-Are the Trek movie novelizations worth reading?

More topics can be found at the Trek BBS!

Today On TV

-In the United States, the Sci-Fi Channel will be showing the Original Seriesepisode 'Friday's Child' at 2:00pm Eastern Time.

-In Canada, Space! will be showingthe Original Series' 'Conscience Of The King' at 10:00am and at 4:00pm Eastern Time, and DS9's 'The Magnificent Ferengi' at 10:00pm.

-In the United Kingdom,Sky One will be showing Voyager's 'The Chute' at 17:00 BST, followed by 'Pathfinder' at 20:00.

-Here in The Netherlands, Net 5 will be showingTNG's 'The Most Toys'at 18:05 CET. Thanks go out to for this!

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

What was your least favourite episode of the season?
'Spirit Folk' 26.9% - (109 Votes)
'Alice' 16.3% - (66 Votes)
Another episode 14.1% - (57 Votes)
'Fair Haven' 12.3% - (50 Votes)
'The Voyager Conspiracy' 9.6% - (39 Votes)
'Tsunkatse' 7.6% - (31 Votes)
'Virtuoso' 7.4% - (30 Votes)
'Live Fast & Prosper' 5.4% - (22 Votes)

Total Votes: 404

Contrary to the 'Best Episode' poll results, here it seems clear which episode you thought was the worst - this year's hololocation certainly wasn't a success, looking at how hated 'Fair Haven' and 'Spirit Folk' are. Anyway, please also participate in our new poll, asking how many episodes of the season you've seen so far:

Happy Birthday!

Today is the birthday of Felecia M. Bell, who appeared on DS9 several times as Jennifer Sisko.

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