'Star Wreck' Team Looks To Expand Internet Filming

By Michelle
May 11, 2006 - 3:27 PM

The creators of the Star Trek spoof Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, which became Finland's most-viewed film of all time at the end of last year, have plans to use their success to create an online filmmaking community.

"When Hollywood dominates 90 percent of the whole movie industry, it is hard to break into the international scene from smaller countries," director Timo Vuorensola explained to CNN. He would like to share his ideas with other filmmakers and create a forum for exchanging information. "Internet communities are by default international...if you're a Bulgarian film student, it might be an architect in Japan who could help you."

Vuorensola said that he did not see himself competing with Hollywood blockbusters, but offering "a good alternative and a channel for smaller players, who might have a very different style." In the Pirkinning was made by students and other amateurs, using personal computers to create special effects. The team is now working on an original science fiction comedy, Iron Sky.

"We are interested in science fiction, and since Finland is a technology country, there is demand," Vuorensola noted, saying that for the new movie, the team may charge for internet downloads and hopes to have theatrical distribution.

The original article is at CNN.

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