'Enterprise' Soundtrack Coming Tuesday

By Christian
May 12, 2002 - 5:09 PM

'Enterprise' Soundtrack - copyright GNP Crescendo/Paramount Pictures This Tuesday GNP Crescendo will release the official Enterprise soundtrack album, containing both the series' main theme and original episode music.

The main feature on the disc will of course be the somewhat controversial Diane Warren - Russel Watson theme 'Faith of the Heart,' presented in both the TV version and in an extended album cut. In addition, the CD contains a large part of Dennis McCarthy's score for the opening episode 'Broken Bow', including pieces such as 'New Enterprise,' 'Archer's Theme' and 'The Rescue.'

Also present on the soundtrack album is an enhanced CD portion that will be playable on most PCs. Features of this include an Enterprise computer interface containing profiles of the cast and crew, web links, and a video of Watson perfoming 'Faith of the Heart.'

The CD will be available in stores from Tuesday on at a recommended retail price of $18.98. However, the soundtrack can now also be pre-ordered at a discount through Amazon.com, which will both save you money and let you support TrekToday. The Amazon page also contains a review of the soundtrrack by Jerry McCulley, although the review does not seem to be very well informed of the Star Trek franchise in general or Enterprise in specific.

Thanks go out to the official site for this!

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