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'Voyager' Episode Reviews

By Christian
May 12, 2000 - 11:23 PM

Jason Bates at IGN Sci-Fi has uploaded his review of 'Life Line', Wednesday's new Voyager episode. Though most of the review consists of a long synopsis of the episode, it also praises the episode a bit:

This was a fun episode to watch and it even had some genuinely (as opposed to unintentionally) laugh-out-loud funny moments, such as when The Doctor smashes a particularly annoying holographic fly. This episode also featured (gasp!) continuity; besides picking up where "Pathfinder" left off, it also brought back both Reginald Barclay and Deanna Troi to facilitate the meeting between The Doctor and Zimmerman.

In the full review the episode is awarded 4 out of 5 stars.

Also rather positive is Kenneth Silber in his Space.com review:

"Lifeline" is a well-crafted, well-acted, psychologically astute episode. It adeptly mixes humor and emotion, while avoiding the mawkishness that sometimes rears its head on the series.

A plot synopsis, tech info, quotes, and more, can be found in the full review. At Myrkr.com, Chad Betz and Daniel Henderson have put up their review of 'Fury', last week's episode featuring the return of Kes. As most other net reviewers, they weren't too impressed by the episode:

"Hell hath no fury like Star Trek: Voyager."

--to quote my review of the episode "Barge of the Dead." That episode was the hell. This one is the Fury. What is fury? Blind rage and confusion, perhaps? Take out the rage and you have the kind of fury featured here: blind confusion.

After the first tease ended with a shot of an older Kes strolling down a corridor in Voyager as the bulkheads imploded behind her, I was thinking that this might be good stuff. No such luck, I'm afraid.

In their full review, the episode is awarded 2 out of 5 stars.

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