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John Cho Finds 'Star Trek' More Mature Than 'Star Wars'

By T'Bonz
April 12, 2008 - 12:44 AM

John Cho was more of a latecomer to 'Star Trek' finding as time goes on that he appreciates it more.

As reported by Access Hollywood, Cho is a fan of 'Star Trek' as well as an actor in Star Trek XI. "I kind of became a Star Trek fan because it was on late and I would catch it in reruns here and there," he said, "and it is something that I appreciated more with every year because it's a very mature show you know and it's a very thoughtful and meditative show."

He went on to compare it to Star Wars, finding Star Trek a much more mature show that took a bit more time to appreciate. "...whereas when I was a kid, it was much easier to love something like Star [Wars] right off the bat," he said, "with lightsabers and fighting and stuff and Star Trek was much more mature than that...Star Trek, I think, thematically is kind of very mature in themes. It's easier for me to like something like Star Wars right off the bat."

Cho is sympathetic with fans who are hungry for information about Star Trek XI. "That's part of being a fan," he said. "I would want to know too, but I think he's [J.J. Abrams] correct in assuming that it enhances the viewing experience when you're surprised by everything."

Like others working on the film, Cho is under a gag order. He feels, as does J.J. Abrams, that it's for a good purpose. "J.J. Abrams has a vision which is that, I think he just really, it's not any kind of malice, he just wants people to go into the theater and be surprised, which I think is fair," said Cho. "He wants people to come into the theater and enjoy everything for the first time instead of knowing A, B, and C as they walk in."

Meeting with George Takei was an opportunity to get advice. "I wrote George a letter before we started filming," said Cho, "and I said I'd like to take you out to lunch and talk a little bit' and we did, he said 'yes' and we had a great time. I remember asking him 'You know just what am I in for, is it crazy?' and he had some words. This is just classic George Takei because he's so witty and so kind. He said 'Hey listen, they're going to be calling me the guy who played the old John Cho pretty soon so don't worry about it, kid.' But he's just the greatest guy in the world."

To see the video, head to the link located here.

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