Braga Reveals 'Most Important Day' of 'Enterprise'

By Michelle
April 12, 2005 - 10:09 PM

Star Trek: Enterprise co-creator Brannon Braga said that he did not know how long it would be before Star Trek returned, but said he expected a new movie before another television series at an event where he was described as seeming relieved that his involvement with the franchise was ending. He also revealed that the final episode of Enterprise does indeed witness the founding of the Federation.

As reported by galleywest at the TrekBBS, Braga appeared at the Stark County branch of Kent State University, which he attended in the mid-1980s. After asking what percentage of the audience considered themselves Star Trek fans, Braga then asked, "How many of you donít like me?" He reiterated his belief that Star Trek needed a break after inundating the airwaves with so many shows, pointing out that there is far more competition from other science fiction shows now. "Even if the next episode of Star Trek is the best episode thatís ever been made, itís still the 701st episode of Star Trek," he said.

The executive producer said that he did not know which crew might feature in a future Star Trek, and the reported said "I got the feeling that he doesn't know and doesn't really want to know" whether the franchise will be reimagined like Battlestar Galactica or whether a new prequel or sequel will come next. He thanked fans for their efforts to save the show but seemed certain that Paramount's decision was irrevocable.

Of the Enterprise finale, "These Are the Voyages...", which Braga co-wrote with Rick Berman, he said that the episode looked at "the most important day in the life of this ship, which is its last day, the day the Federation is founded." He added that he felt such a storyline ended an era of Star Trek by bridging this series will the ones that went before, calling it, in words Berman has used in interviews, a valentine for the fans. He also admitted that some of the Enterprise cast members were not happy with the finale and its use of characters from The Next Generation.

Ironically, asked to name his worst episode, Braga chose Voyager's "Threshold" - also the name of his new pilot for CBS. He said that he believed extraterrestrials existed but had not landed yet, which is also the theme of Threshold.

The original item is at the TrekBBS. Braga mentioned the appearance on his web site.

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