Gaming Bullets

By Amy
April 12, 2001 - 6:34 PM

  • The Adrenaline Vault has published an interview with Michael Wallis of Simon & Schuster on the upcoming Gizmo Games release 'Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars.' Here's a snippet:

    AV: How is the game structured?

    MW:There are two campaigns, Federation and Dominion, each comprising ten missions. There is also support for up to eight participants across a local area connection or the Internet. Users will be able to find matches in progress over the Internet, although if someone wants to compete against seven computer-controlled opponents, he or she is welcome to do that. As far as online game modes, there's King of the Hill with a starbase in the middle, a starbase assault-and-defend mode, and a traditional free-for-all in open space as well as around an asteroid field. There are a couple other modes we are hoping to get in, though it is too soon to comment on those. In online matches, people will be able to select from among the four races.

  • Meanwhile, ZDNet's Gamespot has also posted a new interview, this time with Activision producer Graham Fuchs on the upcoming 'Elite Force' expansion pack. A number of topics are discussed, from why the pack has no title, to the new missions themselves.

    GS: How many levels does the new single-player campaign encompass?

    GF: There are 10 decks of the Voyager that you will be able to explore in tour mode, and there are three new missions to play in the holodeck: a Captain Proton mission, straight from the TV show (it is even in Black and White!), [a] Raid [of] a Klingon Stronghold, and a Garden Relaxation Program, which winds up not being all that relaxing. Plus, there is a fun "Borg slayer" video game hidden somewhere on the ship.

  • Still with Elite Force, James Monroe has updated his .plan files with then news that they are working on a patch file for the multiplayer mode.

  • Evil Avatar has a new 'Bridge Commander' screenshot.

  • Simon & Schuster's E3 lineup is now online. Including among title for display is 'Dominion Wars'.

  • The War Gamer's Jason Perrick has posted a review of the most recently released Star trek title - 'Away Team'. While there was no rating, the reviewer concluded with "If you liked the game Commandos and are a fan of Star Trek, give this game a try. If you are looking for Star Trek meets Jagged Alliance or do not like timing the patrol pattern of guards, skip it until Star Trek Away Team hits the bargain bins."

  • Computer Games Online has the second 'Away Team' review for the day, and Andrew S. Bub was much less enthralled by the game. Rating it only 2 stars out of 5, he called it "a potentially good tactical strategy game marred by a lack of inspiration."

  • Decipher, makers of the Star Trek Customisable Card Game, have again released details of a number of new cards in their recently announced Voyager set. New cards include Aggressive Behavior, Male's Love Interest, The Next Emanation, Reinitialize Warp Reaction, Divert Power, B'Elanna Torres, Culluh and the U.S.S. Voyager.

  • They've also posted a new article on the use of the stand-alone expansion, entitled 'Take the Voyager Environment to Warp Speed.'

  • Finally, their Tournament Code of Conduct & FAQ has been revised and updated.
Thanks go out to Blue's News and Evil Avatar for some of these!

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