Jeri Ryan: It Makes Sense To Go With Chakotay

By Christian
April 12, 2001 - 4:27 PM

Starlog April 2001 When the first spoilers for 'Human Error' were released, most fans were wondering why Seven of Nine would ever want to become romantically involved with Chakotay. In a new interview with Starlog Magazine, actress Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) said she had the same reaction, but then approved of the choice.

"[It] makes sense to go with [Chakotay]," she said. "Seven doesn't take Harry Kim very seriously. They've been down that road. She knows he has a crush, but they're friends. It wouldn't be the Doctor because they've been down that road, too. It's not that Seven of Nine has a thing for Chakotay, but she programs the Holodeck with the crew, to practice her social interaction skills with them. They are the people she knows. It has been programmed in such a way that all the males are receptive to Seven, and it just happens to work out that Chakotay's the one."

The remainder of the season won't work out as well for Seven. "From what I've heard, from what Brannon [Braga] has told me, the direction they'll be taking Seven of Nine in for the remainder of the season will be one of a tragic nature. They're going to take her away from regaining her humanity, becoming a perfect crew member who just fits in and is Starfleet-ready. I think that's a great choice."

In fact, Ryan believes Seven should never fully regain her humanity. "Seven of Nine's definitely more human than Borg, but she is not human," Ryan asserted. "And I hope that we will never make her completely human. That's the fun of the character, that difference, that outsider quality. I've liked exploring her maternal side with the Borg children. It gives me another dimension to play as an actress. I want to continue making those strides towards humanity. I just don't want her to finish her journey when the show ends."

"I don't want anyone to call her Annika by the end," she said, referring to her character's human name Annika Hansen. "It's not so much in the name, though. I don't know quite how to describe this. The drama of this character is her struggle against regaining her humanity. If that obstacle is removed, then much of the interest in this character is removed. And if she loses all of her Borg edge, which is the fun of the character, then it won't be as much fun to play or watch."

So, with her character's journey not yet completed by the time the series ends, will it perhaps be continued in the next series? Even if the time period in which the series will be set would have allowed that, this will not be the case. "I've heard that rumour many times and it's not true," Ryan said. "It's completely unfounded. I'm shooting it down. The rumour is now dead."

For the full five-page interview with Starlog's Ian Spelling, Ryan talked about her experiences when she first joined the show, including her meeting with Jennifer Lien (Kes), as well as how the family of Robert Picardo (the Holodoc) sent her a message the day after 'Body and Soul' aired, saying they now didn't need him around anymore. To subscribe to the magazine or to order just this single issue, please follow this link.

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