Seven of Nine & Neelix Actors Interviewed

By Amy
April 12, 2001 - 3:26 PM

SciFi Wire has once again conducted a brief interview with one of the Voyager cast. This time stepping up to the microphone is Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), who talks about comments she's received from fans who say that her character has had a large impact on their lives.

"There have been a number of encounters with fans and a number of letters that I've gotten," she begins, "that honestly never cease to amaze me, from people who have sincerely said that the character and the show made a difference in their life. They wrote that how Seven has been portrayed in her struggle to regain her humanity reflects what they've been struggling with in their lives."

People who suffered abuse as children, she explains, send that kind of letter. However, it was a victim of rape who particularly touched her. "One woman in particular, who had been a rape victim," she recalls, "wrote to tell me how deeply she was affected by 'Human Error.'" The episode actually inspired the woman to go and get counselling.

"Seven's struggle with overcoming her fear of humanity, overcoming her fear of imperfection and overcoming her past with the Borg encouraged this woman and helped to give her the support she needed to seek therapy," she continues. "It's incredibly nice to get that kind of feedback, to know that something you've done as an actor has had a positive impact on someone."

More of this interview with Jeri Ryan can be found here at Sci Fi Wire.

Meanwhile, the Sci-Fi Wire also recently put up an interview Ethan Phillips (Neelix), who told the site he loved being on Voyager but is now ready to move on.

"We had a great run. I made good friends and it was great to have seven years of steady work," he said. "But I've had enough of the makeup. I will never let myself go through that kind of process again. The only good thing--the only good thing--about the makeup is the anonymity of it. I'm starting fresh again, a new actor looking for work."

Phillips' next project will be 'Side Man', a play about jazz music and the life of jazz musicians. For more on that, check out the full interview at the Wire.

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