Asamiya Influenced By Star Trek

By Christian
April 12, 2000 - 11:54 PM

'Nadesico' cover image Gustavo Leao sends along the following news item:

The March 2000 issue of Animerica Magazine features an interview with Kia Asamiya, the renowned Japanese director/creator of such anime (or japanimation) and manga series as "Silent Mobius", "Compiler" and "Steam Detectives" (all available in video in the US). His latest anime sci-fi series, "Martian Sucessor Nadesico", is sort of a homage to both "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Voyager", since Asamiya is a Star Trek fan. "Martian Sucessor Nadesico" is the story of Earth's fight against invaders from beyond Jupiter. To battle the menace, Earth's military force creates the starship Nadesico, based on alien tecnology and much more powerful than its military contemporaries. The ship is commanded by a female Captain named Yurika Misumaru, who is the daughter of a renowned Admiral. Yurika's first officer is Jun Aoi, who is deeply in love with his captain, although she never takes particular notice of him (sounds familiar ?). In this excerpt of the Animerica interview, Asamiya talks about the Star Trek influences on the "Nadesico" anime series and being a Trek fan in Japan:

Q: About "Nadesico" - you said that the uniforms were based on "Star Trek The Next Generation". Are you a Star Trek fan ?

A : Yes. I went twice to the Star Trek exhibit in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Hilton. The whole staff really put the hearts into it, and they were all wearing their uniforms. They were sort of doing a takeoff on Star Tours in Disneyland.

Q : What are your favorite character from Star Trek?

A : For the first season, Tasha Yar. But I liked the entire crew for "Star Trek: The Next Generation". I liked the original series, but I thought Next Generation was a step above that [TNG is the most popular Trek series in Japan].

Q: So then....Kirk or Picard ?

A: Hmmmm.......Picard. Generally Picard. Kirk was....very dangerous! [LAUGHS]
If Spock hadn't been there, he would have died a long time ago!

Q : [LAUGHS] Maybe you wouldn't want to ride in his ship ! [LAUGHS]

A : [LAUGHS] The Enterprise-D is much better.

"Martian Sucessor Nadesico" is being released on video in the US from ADV Films, with two episodes per tape (dubbed in English/subtitled formats). The comics (or "manga") are being published by CPM Comics.

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