Cult Times 21st Century Special

By Christian
April 12, 2000 - 5:34 PM

Cult Times Special On the 5th of April, Visual Imaginations Publications published the 13th Cult Times special, the quarterly addition to the British Cult Times SF mag. After the Borg special last issue, this issue deals with what promises Cult TV made for the 21st Century, looking at what the next decade will offer for viewers.

As part of this look at future SF TV, the magazine also includes a look at potential futures for the Star Trek franchise, written by Tim Leng. In this article, which has also been put online at the Cult Times web site, Leng appears very positive about a possible 'Birth of the Federation' series:

The closest that Star Trek has come to showing us such a time was in First Contact when Zefram Cochrane's 21st Century Earth was depicted in all of its post-apocalyptic glory. The possibilities for such a series would be endless - conflict between the less-than-perfect 22nd Century humans, starships that are distinctly different to those that we know, but with details that would remind us of what exists in 'the future', and the very birth of what we regard as Star Trek.

The series could also play host to some familiar faces - First Contact establishes that contact with the Vulcans occurs in 2063. The first encounters with the Klingons and the Romulans could also be properly defined.

'Star Trek: Enterprise', or something closely resembling it, appears to this jaded hack to be the series that best deserves the franchise's attention. It would seem to bring with it a grittiness, a sense of adventure, of humanity, and of familiarity to things past (or future?) that could be just what is needed to lure fans new and old into the Trek fold. And bravo to that.

In the full article, Leng analyses several other possible Series V concepts that have been rumoured over the past few months. Also available at the Cult Times site is a preview of an interview with Robert Duncan McNeill, the full version of which appears in the actual magazine. Information on how to actually order the magazine can also be found on the Cult Times site.

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