Captain Sulu Novel Update

By Christian
April 12, 2000 - 12:12 AM

Over at Pocket Books' Star Trek Books Board, Trek novel editor John Ordover has posted the following message regarding his Excelsior challenge:

While I don't believe that there is a big enough readership for a Captain Sulu novel, I want you all to know that if it turns out there is, no one will be happier than I am. I even have a title and the beginings of the story set up.

Star Trek

The Cry of the One Thousand

The story begins with a death threat against the lives of 1000 clerics on a distant planet who are about to complete a sacred hand-written scroll - the completion of which will elevate them - and lower their enemies - in the eyes of the populous.

No, I'm not kidding. If the Sulu challenge works, the campaign will serve not only as the motivation, but the inspiration of the story.

You're welcome to spread that around, if you think it might help.


Besides this post, a huge discussion regarding the Captain Sulu challenge has been going on at the Star Trek Books Board for the past few weeks. Meanwhile, David Henderson at Psi Phi has made another update to the Captain Sulu Progress Page, indicating that Pocket Books has now received a 150 letters in support of a Captain Sulu novel - if by the 1st of May they've received a thousand such letters, they'll actually publish a Captain Sulu novel.

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