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Peter David On 'Star Trek: New Frontier'

By T'Bonz
March 12, 2008 - 10:51 PM

Playing in the Star Trek universe has both advantages and disadvantages, according to New Frontier author Peter David.

As reported by Newsarama.com, the New Frontier series is appearing in comic books as well as in full length novels, even though it took a while for the comic book series to get rolling.

"Wildstorm approached me about doing a second New Frontier one-shot," said David when asked about the delay between the first comic book outing of New Frontier: Double Time which debuted in 2000, and the new miniseries; "but then they lost the license and that was that. IDW got the license, approached me, and away we went."

New Frontier features the starship Excalibur, commanded by Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, who is assigned to a territory once belonging to the Thallonian Empire before its dissolution. Excalibur was sent to the territory by Starfleet due to the old rivalries and wars that started up again with the loss of the major power in that area.

David explained the appeal of writing New Frontier. "The advantage of playing in the Star Trek universe is that you have access to that vast reservoir of possibilities, not to mention an existing audience base. The disadvantage is that you really can't change any of the characters, except that's not an issue in New Frontier. Characters can come and go, get married, get divorced, give birth, die. So it's really, no joke intended, the best of both worlds."

New Frontier is part of IDW's Star Trek: Second Stage lineup which begins with New Frontier: Turnaround, a story about a stolen experimental timeship which must be retrieved. New Frontier: Turnaround arrives in stores this month.

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In other Star Trek publishing news as reported by TrekMovie.com, Star Trek fiction is also appearing in Manga form Aratanaru Michi He is the third original series anthology Manga by Tokyopop. This third series includes stories by Wil Wheaton, David Gerrold, Nathaniel Bowden and Luis Reyes, the editor of the series.

Wheaton talked about his contribution to the Manga series at his website. "Speaking of the manga, I was lucky enough to work with E.J. Su again on the next one," said Wheaton. "He sent in his pencils yesterday. I wish I could show just a little bit of them, because even though it's only pencils, it's absolutely magnificent."

His story, The Art of War shows Kirk having to face his hatred of Klingons while at the same time sympathizing with them.

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