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Bakula Says He Feels The Fans' Presence

By Christian
March 12, 2005 - 11:23 AM

Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) recently revealed it's been the fans that have held up a very high bar for Enterprise's storytelling, and said he greatly appreciated their involvement with the show.

"I've always said that sci-fi fans are a very discerning, loyal, picky and knowledgeable group of people," Bakula told Marissa Charles at the British free commuter newspaper Metro, who spoke to Bakula ahead of the British premiere of "Storm Front, Part One." "You definitely feel their presence. You're aware that they watch the work very closely and that it's important to deliver good stories and be honest and truthful - otherwise they're on you."

Somewhat ironically, considering the cancellation of Enterprise, one of the questions Bakula was asked concerned the reason for the enduring popularity of Star Trek. "It has a positive outlook for the future, and people respond to that - especially now," the actor said. "It's hopeful and it's saying: 'We're going to get this right here. We're not going to use up all the natural resources in the next decade or kill each other with nuclear weapons.' Our franchise shows that 150 years from now we've taken care of disease and famine and eliminated war. Viewers have always responded favourably to shows set in the future that tell stories relevant to the present."

Bakula still seemed uncertain of his plans for the near future. He said he was fortunate to have worked in theatre, film and television, and especially that he had been able to sing in several of his TV shows. But he wasn't yet sure whether he'd try to get more serious about his music. "I've always entertained the idea but my problem is I don't know what music I'd want to record because I like so many different styles. I like pop, big rock 'n roll, band, Broadway - I like all those elements. It's good fun."

In the full interview, which unfortunately can only be found in the Metro print edition that was distributed to the UK last week, Bakula also discussed his role on Quantum Leap, and his status as a sex symbol. Thanks go out to AntonyF for this!

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