Nimoy: Trek Producers Have Done 'Remarkable Job'

By Antony
March 12, 2003 - 2:07 PM

A chat transcript with Leonard Nimoy is online at the official website, where he answered a number of fans questions.

"I think they've done a remarkable job of keeping it alive over the last 12-13 years since I was involved," Nimoy said in a response to a question about the Trek franchise at STARTREK.COM. "I can't really say whether or not it has run its course. It's very possible that with enough imagination and talent they could find a way to keep it going a lot longer."

One thing that Nimoy doesn't consider a success was The Animated Series. "That was an interesting project," he said. "I was, frankly, disappointed. I think because the animation could not capture the chemistry between the cast members we had on the TV series.

But the actor still keeps in touch with the original cast members. "I'm very much in touch with Bill Shatner [Kirk]," he said. "He and I and Nichelle Nichols [Uhura] and Jimmy Doohan [Scotty] were together at the TV Land Awards, Star Trek was presented with an award and we accepted for Star Trek." (story).

The full Q&A transcript can be found here at STARTREK.COM.

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