Shatner: Trek Needs Fresh Blood

By Caillan
March 12, 2003 - 7:54 AM

William Shatner (James T. Kirk) today said Star Trek has become "old hat" and needs new blood if the franchise is to endure.

"It needs something new," Shatner told Terry Morrow of the Scripps Howard News Service (via Naples News). "The people responsible for it have lost its way, and they need to find it again. They need a whole new group of talents to give everyone a fresh approach. By doing too many things, they have lost its way because of greed."

Shatner said he doesn't watch the latest television series, Enterprise, and didn't see Star Trek Nemesis at the cinema, either. "Curious, isn't it?" he said, "but I have never had a desire to see it, and you'd think I would ... Paramount must be worried over the lack of interest at the box office and the numbers for the series."

The solution, according to the actor, is simple. "They should hearken back to where it was before with good stories," Shatner said.

To read the complete article, head over to Naples News.

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