Watch Scott Bakula Describe Archer's Crew

By Caillan
February 12, 2002 - 5:24 PM

Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) yesterday introduced potential Enterprise viewers to his motley crew during an appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

After showing a clip from 'Shadows of P'Jem' with Archer and T'Pol tied up together, host Jon Stewart wanted to know what Bakula was doing with the woman in the slinky suit. "We were tied up together, and at the end of that clip we fall down together and her breasts land in my face," he replied.

The actor went on to describe T'Pol's role on the series. "She's my Spock," Bakula said. "A hot Spock. Nothing against Nimoy, he was - " "Hot?" asked Stewart. "Hot," replied Bakula, laughing.

Asked who plays his LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge), Bakula was at a loss. "Oh, I didn't watch that show," he said. "The Internet just caught on fire," Stewart quipped.

"Oh, they know that anyway," Bakula said. "They all know that, it's not a secret. Connor Trinneer's my engineer, he's from down south. [His gimmick is] 'I can't even say dilithium crystals.'"

But the biggest bombshell was yet to come - the revelation of Doctor Phlox's origins. "John Billingsley's a Denobulan, he's my doctor. We don't know where Denobulans are from yet. They're some kind of bird or reptile. I think he has three wives." The Winter Olympics on his mind, Stewart asked if Doctor Phlox could be a Mormon. "Exactly, he's from Denobula, Utah," Bakula replied.

And what about Captain Archer himself? Bakula had just visited the Toy Fair, where he had come face to face with his very own action figure. "I have a hand going out like this," he said, sticking his right hand in a dramatic pose. "Which now that I think about it, is a little bit Shatner."

The 11.5 MB Real Video clip of Bakula's appearance can be downloaded here at

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