New Pix and synopses

By Amy
January 12, 2001 - 3:13 PM

UPN has posted new synopses and images for the next two Voyager episodes, 'Shattered', which airs next week, and 'Lineage', which is set to air on the 24th of January. The new synopsises can be found below, while more photos can be found here at UPN.


This image is copyright of Paramount.Voyager is suddenly fractured into a myriad of separate time zones, ranging from its distant past through two decades into the future, and only Chakotay can move among them. Although he understands the phenomenon and how to reverse the fatal event, he must convince hostile crew members and a reluctant Janeway, all of whom exist years in the past.


This image is copyright of Paramount. A momentous annoncement causes the initially ecstatic Torres to soon become haunted by unhappy flashbacks to her childhood.

Please remember that the above pictures are copyright of Paramount.

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