Takei Says Coming Out Wasn't Scary

By Michelle
December 11, 2005 - 12:46 AM

George Takei and his longtime love Brad Altman talked about coming out to the world as gay men and their desire to get married in California, where they live.

Perhaps the greatest revelation has been the fact that Altman - who is Takei's business manager as well as his partner - has never been a Trekkie. "I wasn't a 'Star Trek' fan; I'm still not a 'Star Trek' fan," Altman told ETonline's Jann Carl. "This relationship has survived that! He likes that about me."

Takei said that coming out wasn't really a scary thing - and he knows what "scary" is, after having been taken with his family at gunpoint from their home to be escorted to an internment camp during World War II. "I was four years old at the time," Takei explained. "Soldiers with bayonet guns came to our home to order us out...we were in an American internment camp with no due process, because we happened to look like the people who bombed Pearl Harbor."

Takei said that even before his adolescence he knew that he was more interested in boys than girls, but as a teen, he hid his sexual orientation: "At that time, the issue of homosexuality was peripheral - and in denial - and you kept quiet." Now that "the world has changed", he is lobbying for the legalization of same sex marriage in his home state. "We could [get married] in Canada, we could do it in Massachusetts, but this is California...we want it to happen where our life is," he insisted.

The original aritcle is at ETonline.

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