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Romance Is In The Air On 'Enterprise'

By Caillan
November 11, 2003 - 11:17 AM

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The fifteenth episode of Enterprise's third season will have major ramifications for two of the show's most prominent characters, according to TrekToday sources.

The currently untitled episode reportedly begins in Trip's quarters, where the engineer is having a neuro-pressure session with Corporal Amanda Cole, a twentysomething member of Enterprise's MACO squad. The pair are clearly hitting it off. In fact, they're getting along so well that they seal their session with a kiss.

Despite his best intentions, Trip's neuro-pressure technique wasn't quite up to the task, and Amanda is forced to report to Phlox with a headache caused by the exercises. Phlox naturally summons T'Pol to ask her advice on the subject, and the Vulcan science officer is somewhat taken aback to hear that Trip has been having sessions with someone else, not to mention an attractive female MACO.

T'Pol does her best to bury her irritation, but the problem reappears during a communal martial arts session conducted by Major Hayes. Throughout the session, T'Pol is continually distracted by Trip and Amanda, who are getting along famously. In fact, she becomes so absorbed in what they're doing on the other side of the room that her partner manages to knock her on her feet.

At the request of Doctor Phlox, T'Pol conducts a neuro-pressure session with Amanda. But it's a trying experience, since Amanda just can't seem to stop talking about Enterprise's engineer. Although T'Pol finds herself getting frustrated with the female MACO, she's even more confused about her feelings for Trip.

The matter soon comes to a head during Trip and T'Pol's regular neuro-pressure excerises, which are fraut with tension. After some prodding from Trip, T'Pol denies being annoyed by his relationship with Amanda. The charged moment forces the pair to finally confront their feelings for each other and they kiss, falling into each other's arms and making love...

Please note that these details come from an early draft of the script and aspects may change before the episode enters production. Paramount Pictures has yet to confirm any of this information and until such time you should treat it as you would any other rumour.

The episode will likely air during February sweeps next year.

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