'Voyager' Ratings Reports

By Christian
November 11, 2000 - 11:40 PM

As you're probably aware, for many years now the internet's most reliable (and perhaps even the only) source for Star Trek Nielsen ratings has been Greg Fuller's Trek Nielsen Ratings Database.

Unfortunately, due to real-life commitments keeping him busy, Greg decided that he was no longer able to update the site. However, as it would of course be a great shame to see the site disappear, I offered Greg to take over maintenance of the site, and so from today on, Nielsen ratings updates at the site will be written by yours truly. Great thanks go out to Greg for the trust he's placed in me by giving me control over the site - hopefully I'll be able to do as good a job as he did.

In my first update of the site, four ratings reports for recent Voyager episodes have been added. First there are the overnight ratings for 'Critical Care' and 'Inside Man', not containing very good news. Voyager continued its now five-week long straight drop, getting first a 4.3 rating, 7 share, and then a 4.2/7. Considering the appearance of Reginald Barclay and Deanna Troi in 'Inside Man' these are quite disappointing figures for the show - hopefully it will manage to finally improve on its ratings again as the November sweeps progress.

Secondly, final ratings reports are up for both 'Repression' and 'Critical Care'. Here are the 'Repression' ratings:

After the ratings drop seemed over last week with 'Drive', the national ratings for 'Repression' again went down sharply, as Voyager only got a 3.2 rating, 5 share. That is comparable to the disappointingly low ratings the show was getting at the end of last season, and also down from the comparable episode last year, 'Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy', which scored a 3.5/5.

For the full report, also containing timeslot info, please click here. Fortunately, the ratings for 'Critical Care' turned out to be slightly higher, bringing the show almost equal to last year's comparable episode:

Voyager's ratings slightly recovered with 'Critical Care', which scored a 3.4 rating, 5 share, up two-tenths of a rating point from 'Repression'. Unfortunately, that still translated to the second-lowest rating of the season so far, but it was only a tenth of a ratings point down from the comparable episode last year, 'Alice'.

For the full 'Critical Care' report, please click here.

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