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Berman Talks Series V and Voyager

By Amy
November 11, 2000 - 4:55 PM

Matthew Klaehn of Media Trek was kind enough to send us more of the Star Trek Communicator interview with Star Trek executive producer Rick Berman, in addition to a number of other tidbits. In the interview, Berman reveals that production on the new series, which Brannon Bragga and himself began working on almost a year and a half ago, will most likely start early next year, around February or March, and that we can expect to see at least one more appearance of Dwight Schultz and Marina Sirtis as Reginald Barclay and Deanna Troi on Voyager. On that subject, he also mentions that they have been thinking about bringing back Q and the Borg Queen, in addition to a number of 'familiar' guest stars. Here's another snippet from the interview, where Berman fields questions on the current network interest in Trek, the question of a fall 2001 premiere for Series V and a possible change in production staff:

Star Trek Communicator : Because of what is going on currently with UPN and Fox, is there less of a chance in your mind that this new series will premiere on UPN?

Rick Berman: There is certainly is a chance that it will not air on UPN, depending on what the future of the network is. All things considered, I don't believe that UPN will cease to exist, but will probably continue through some configuration. I do see a very good chance of this show ending up on UPN, but on the other hand, there are other options and interest elsewhere, so we'll wait and see. We are developing the show completely independent of a network at the moment.

STC: Will the new series then premiere on the fall of 2001?

RB: Yes, the plan now is a fall 2001 premiere. I am hoping that the new show will be beginning about a year from now.

STC: Do you foresee any of the current production staff going over to the new show?

RB: I think there will definitely be some new people, but on the other hand, there are some people I have worked with for the last 13 years that are indispensable, and I'm sure that they will be coming over to the new show.

Again, major thanks go out to Matthew Klaehn of Media Trek for sending this in!

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