Russ on the Future of Trek

By Amy
November 11, 2000 - 1:33 PM

Last months' edition of British magazine, Dreamwatch, features an interview with Tim Russ (Tuvok) conducted by John Mosby. In the interview, Russ talks about the Star Trek franchise, what he (as a long time fan himself) would do with it if he was granted the opportunity and his plans for the future.

The first thing he'd absolutely like to see is a chance for Trek to re-gain it's breath and he says that "The producers feel exactly the same way. They'd like to take a nice, long stretch - maybe two years - off from Trek. That would be the smart thing to do I think". Being realistic, however, he adds that "Paramount...well, they love to make money and will not be taking that big a break. They are going to try and do something as soon as they can". As for what he'd do with the franchise he says "Conceptually, I would push the base of the [new] show into a area of space that hasn't been explored but do it in a different way than Voyager. There would be new experiences with new phenomena."

On the future of Trek, he has this to offer: "It's been on 30 years and there are a lot of people to keep it up. There are nine main characters on Voyager, as well as the teams of Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation - a lot of folks running around to keep it up. I would say you could combine them in the features, or ocassionally on a series...There are a number of ways they could do it." Then, laughing, he adds "A year from today, we'll know exactly what they decided..." Too true.

To read the full interview, check out last month's edition of Dreamwatch magazine. For information on how to order it, click here. Thanks go out to TrekWeb for leading the way

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