Deep Space Nine to the Big Screen?

By Amy
November 11, 2000 - 12:54 PM

In the latest issue of Cinefantastique magazine, a US science-fiction, horror and fantasy film genre publication, Dennis Fisher and Anna Kaplan have spoken with various members of the DS9 cast and production team. One of the primarily topics of conversation, it seems, is the possibility of a DS9 movie, with the interviewees giving somewhat conflicting reports about the idea and confirming only one thing – that there are no current plans for a DS9 Movie, at least none that they know about.

Executive producer, Ira Behr, is the most positive, remarking that "the studio was interested [in a feature film]" and goes on to talk about how the final episode was designed so that Sisko could be brought back, with co-executive producer Ron Moore saying that "the studio wants us to leave some door open, and we tried to leave it open a crack". He then goes on to add "but we don't think they are going to do anything. There was no indication, none whatsoever, that they are going to do a DS9 movie, DS9 TV movie, anything."

On the other hand, Rene Auberjonois (Odo) thinks that DS9 may have a future in made-for-TV movies and has herd rumors to that effect. "There are rumors about movies for television" he said, adding that "not that necessarily [his] character would be part of it". He never believed that there would be DS9 feature films, but "can see where they might see that could do a two-hour [TV] movie once a year, twice a year" and thinks that it would be great. Michael Dorn (Worf), who is, of course, involved in the TNG movies as well, had this to add: "They are going to have to do it in three years or two years, or else they are not going to do it. If we [TNG] do another movie, maybe two years after that they will do another movie with Deep Space or Voyager, and that's five years and who knows where you're going to be in 5 years ?" Wise words. Nana Visitor(Kira) and Nicole DeBoer (Ezri Dax) though, have little to comment on, aside from saying that's they'd both do the movie, if there was one.

The full article can be found in this months edition of Cinefantastique magazine. In addition to the above article, there is a double issue cover story on Deep Space Nine's final season and a detailed episode guide. You can find information on ordering the magazine here, if you wish. Thanks go out to TrekWeb for leading the way

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