Kurtzman On 'Star Trek' For Modern Audiences

By T'Bonz
October 11, 2008 - 3:22 AM

Approaching Star Trek XI from the perspective of a fan as well as a writer, helped when writing Star Trek XI according to Alex Kurtzman.

As reported by Paste Magazine, Kurtzman took time out from promoting the newly-released Eagle Eye to talk a little about Star Trek XI and today's audience.

Returning to what attracted him as a child to the series was important when it came to making Star Trek XI for Kurtzman. "'Star Trek' is obviously such a beloved, beloved thing, not just in television but the movies and even in the books," he said. "That one is particularly not ours. So, it felt like because we were such enormous fans of it as kids, for us it was getting back to the spirit of that."

Both Kurtzman and writing partner Roberto Orci approach the movie from the viewpoint of fans, as well as writers, while realizing that it's impossible to make all fans happy. "My partner, Bob and I, we've been writing together for seventeen years, and we always look at the work from the place of what do we want to see as an audience member," said Kurtzman. "So, hopefully, until we get out-of-date, our tastes will dovetail with what audiences are wanting to see. Obviously, you can't please everybody."

But Kurtzman was confident that due to his love of Star Trek and the talent involved in the project, that things worked out well. "We definitely grew up on Trek, love Trek and have been studying it since we were little kids. So, as scary as it was taking the leap to inheriting that mantle I think we also felt that between us and J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk, it was a team that really put that movie together. We knew that there was safety in numbers and that, in a way, each of us represented a different perspective what Trek is, and that, between the five of us, we probably had most of our bases covered."

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