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Star Trek Meets Its 'Nemesis' In Special Edition

By Michelle
October 11, 2005 - 7:30 PM

The special edition of Star Trek: Nemesis has been released on DVD, including new special features and interviews. Here are what some reviewers had to say:

  • "If I'm EVER going to shell out $10 in the theater to see these characters again, then I need SOMEONE to give me a reason to care. A REAL reason - not just yet another contrived character death that's supposed to make us feel all sentimental," wrote Bill Hunt at The Digital Bits, who gave the film a C+. However, he rated the new extras an A-, particularly the interviews on the second disc.

  • Digitally Obsessed's Chuck Aliaga gave a style grade of B-, a substance grade of C- but As for the technical specs and extras. "Nemesis has many problems, but the most troublesome is its incredibly slow pace," he wrote. "Disc 2 has a whopping 15 making-of pieces...there's also very candid and funny on-set footage with the cast hamming it up with each other, and more reflective footage from most of the actors, making for a truly intimate documentary."

  • At DVD Town, Justin Cleveland gave the video and audio nine stars out of ten, the extras eight stars and the film seven stars. "Some of the [deleted] scenes are introduced by members of the cast and crew, giving them some great perspective," he wrote. "And one of the sillier scenes in the film, the dune buggy chase, is recounted in documentary form." He said he liked a lot about the movie, particularly Data's swan song, and "Stewart is given the chance to stretch his acting chops like he never has before in the Trek universe."

  • DVD Talk's Shannon Nutt also gave the DVD five full stars for extras though the film itself rated only half that, a two and a half. "While past Star Trek films have given us true "baddies" like Khan and the Borg Queen, Star Trek: Nemesis' Shinzon (played by Tom Hardy) comes off like a spoiled child," she said. While the film "won't go down as one of the fans' favorite Star Trek movies, but Paramount has done everything they could (short of giving us a new cut of the actual film) to make this release an appealing one for Star Trek aficionados."

  • "There are just so many things wrong with this film," began Home Theater Forum's Scott Kimball. He blamed the script, saying he lost respect for the movie early on, saying "Director Stuart Baird was never able to find a rhythm with this film. Perhaps that can be blamed on the script, as well...I donít know." He liked the visuals but found the interviews "soft."

  • El Bicho at calls Nemesis "The Wrath of Bad Moviemaking." Yet again, noted the critic, "the makers of Star Trek have pretended to offer us a movie when instead we've been presented with another two-hour episode...the true nemesis of Star Trek is Producer Rick Berman and the executives at Paramount."

  • "The Trek crew offers an 'attack of Picard's clone' in this final cinematic voyage of the starship Enterprise," summarised Peter Schorn of IGN, who gave the film 6/10, the video 7/10 and the extras an 8/10, but "they're all a tad superficial and incomplete. Where is something about the space battle effects and how the move from models to CGI has affected their execution?" However, he finds it a better value for the money than the TV show season box sets.

  • TrekWeb's BWilliams said that "by trying to appeal to a broader audience, NEMESIS wound up alienating the TREK fan base who had already grown tired of retreads and, to borrow from Hawkeye Pierce, wanted something else." He liked the score, the visuals and the fact that all the extras from the original release were included on this rerelease and the new deleted scenes.

The special edition of Star Trek: Nemesis can be ordered from

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