New 'Shattered' Synopsis

By Amy
October 11, 2000 - 1:43 PM

StarTrek.comhas posted new information regarding the episode 'Shattered', briefly mentioned in a previous interview the site held with Kate Mulgrew and Ken Biller. The episode appears to be the first Chakotay episode of the season, though we do know that he will lead "a pre-stranded Janeway around her ship, experiencing different slices of the crew's story. " The episode has a production number of 257 and the synopsis can be found below:

A temporal anomaly strikes the U.S.S. Voyager, hitting Chakotay point-blank and splitting different areas of the ship into different time-frames from its history. After the Doctor creates a chronoton serum to counteract the effects of the temporal bolt, Chakotay finds he is the only member of the crew that has free range of the ship. Forging alliances with crewmates from Voyager's past, present and future, Chakotay must find a way to set events back to normal.

This and other upcoming episode plot synopsis's can be found here at the official site. Thanks go out to Adam Brooks for the heads up!

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