Reddick On Captain Kirk

By T'Bonz
September 11, 2008 - 9:03 PM

Lance Reddick, who is appearing on J.J. Abram's new sci-fi series Fringe, would have preferred a spot in one of Abram's other projects.

As reported by, Reddick, a lifetime Star Trek fan, got into acting because of his love of Captain Kirk. "Honestly, it's ironic that J.J. is doing 'Star Trek,' because one of the reasons is that the first thing that drew me to acting was wanting to be Captain Kirk when I was a kid. It's weird because growing up, I never thought I would be an actor, but I was a huge fan of 'Star Trek.' And I remember reading somewhere that William Shatner had been a Shakespearean actor. So one day I took one of my dad's old books of Shakespeare and started reciting monologues."

Visiting the Star Trek XI set one day to meet with Abrams was a thrill for Reddick. "What happened was I met J.J. on the set of 'Star Trek' after I was cast for 'Fringe.' I flipped out. I mean, I was on the bridge of the Enterprise! I was like, 'J.J. can I sit in the chair?' He's like, 'Yeah, go ahead.' I sat in Captain Kirk's chair, man, it was great!"

Reddick told Abrams of his love of Star Trek. "I told him I always wanted to be Captain Kirk and said, 'You gotta put me in the next Star Trek. 'He said, 'I wish I knew, there was a role here you would have been great for.' Knock on wood he'll put me in the next one."

To read more about Reddick and his roles in Lost and Fringe, head to the article located here.

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