Coto: Shatner Arc Might Not Involve Kirk

By Michelle
September 11, 2004 - 5:05 PM

Star Trek: Enterprise show-runner Manny Coto has told a magazine that if William Shatner makes a guest appearance on the show, he may not play Captain Kirk, nor an ancestor of Kirk.

TrekBBS members reported that in the latest Star Trek Communicator magazine, dated October 2004, Coto stated that if Shatner had time to do the series, he would appear in a three-story mini-arc like the one in which Brent Spiner (Data, Dr. Soong) is taking part.

"It would be a great episode if it did work's not a Kirk or an ancestor of Kirk, but that's all I want to say. I don't want to give away anything, but it's very cool," said Coto, who is featured in a photo in much younger days watching the original series on television. In addition to himself, Coto described the current writing staff as "all Trek nerds, a room full of Trek nerds! And we know all the the Star Trek touchstones we want to do. It's like we're coming up with all the great stuff I've always wanted to do on Star Trek."

Coto revealed that in addition to the five scripts for which he received writing credit during Enterprise's third season, he assisted with the script for "Twilight" and did uncredited work rewriting the script for "Damage".

On the subject of the likelihood that the fourth could be the last season of Enterprise, "There's always the possibility this could be it, but nobody's assuming that at all," Coto insisted. "In fact, we are pulling all the stops; I want this year to be the best Star Trek year ever. Hopefully, that will translate into great ratings and fan love. If not, then the show will end - but it will end on a great note!"

A few other tidbits from the interview, such as Coto's mention that Andre Bormanis is still on the staff, is in this thread at the TrekBBS. Thanks to VOODOO and Cyrus.

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