Bakula: Keep Weapons Out Of Space

By Michelle
September 11, 2003 - 2:41 PM

"There are great changes in my character, but I believe we were starting to see the seeds of that in the last five or six episodes last year," Scott Bakula said in a chat with fans.

The chat with, transcribed at the Scott Bakula Fan Forum, reveals some of Bakula's offscreen hobbies and interests as well as his hopes for next season and his desire to do a musical over hiatus.

Though he said that Jonathan Archer would not become vengeful this season in the wake of the Xindi attack, Bakula said that the captain would become "more focused, more driven, less willing to compromise."

"There's a great sense of purpose that surrounds the whole show right now," he added. "It's very energized and very exciting."

In terms of Archer's relationship with Trip Tucker, Bakula said, "I see us continuing as friends, I think in all friendships you hit rocky spots and it's the strength of the friendship, really, comes out of how you deal with the tough times. Obviously I was upset with the choices he made in the 'Cogenitor' episode but we all had to move on."

Bakula labeled himself a fan of the history of flight and the space program, "especially if it's a space program that can proceed in a peaceful fashion, i.e. keeping weapons out of space."

He noted that executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga had been open to pitches and ideas for his character, though he complained, "Doesn't look like Captain Archer will ever get laid in space. And I'm okay with that, I just plan on taking it out on the Xindi."

Bakula named Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek IV: First Contact and "the whale movie" as his favorite Trek feature films. He said that seeing his action figure in stores makes him laugh.

To learn about Bakula's former aspirations to become a professional athlete, his plans for Enterprise: The Musical and why he calls "Lord Dominic Keating" a "tyrant" for wanting to direct, see the full transcript here.

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