A Take On DS9 Enemies

By Christian
August 12, 2000 - 12:01 AM

Over at the Trek Nation, Fred Shedian has put up the second installment in his series of Take on Trek columns about the Enemies in Trek. This week he looks at DS9:

Continuing with Part 2 of my series discussing how Star Trek has treated it's villains over the years, I take a look at how Deep Space Nine reacted, retracted and then created it's version of an enemy within the Alpha & Gamma Quadrants. During the seven years the show was on the air, many now familiar aliens took on a completely new appearance.

When DS9 first appeared on the small screen, several of the aliens presented were common to long time viewers of Star Trek. To start, an introduction to the Cardassians had been made during The Next Generation. Although by this point in the show, we had yet to see the appearance of Edward Jelico and the excellent two part episode involving Picard's capture, we had a basic idea about the species. They were arrogant beings, thinking they knew everything...sounding a lot like parent complaints about quite a few teenagers in our society today. Another race Deep Space Nine displayed was the Bajoran. Initial remarks made with The Next Generation had actually called them "Bajora" and had displayed the race as one under another's forced rule. Over time, TNG helped to show that the race was not as weak as initially believed...something that I believe actually interfered with DS9's ability to properly mold the species. Finally, we had another introduction to the Ferengi. Previous encounters had been only with the Alliance's version of a military, ruthless beings...who's goal and purpose (up to DS9) was not really clear.

To read on about how these aliens changed over several years of Deep Space Nine, follow this link

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