Season Seven Holodeck Program Revealed

By Christian
August 11, 2000 - 10:52 PM

In their Production News section, the people at the official Continuum have a report on the filming of 'Repression', which is currently going on at Paramount. The episode will apparently feature the introduction of this year's Voyager holodeck program, as several scenes are currently being shot in the Gower Theater at Paramount.

Normally used to screen films for small audiences, the theater was used yesterday and today as the backdrop of Tom Paris's new holoprogram. For this goal, the theater was redressed as the Chicago Palace Theater, built in 1932. In the theater, Paris will be indulging in yet another of his 20th-century obsessions, namely old 3-D movies. In order to remain totally authentic, Paris apparently even provides 3-D glasses, popcorn and soda pop in his program.

Filming on 'Repression' will continue till Tuesday the 14th of August, after which 'Inside Man' will start shooting.

Thanks go out to Jonathan for this!

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