Calgary Sun 'Andromeda' Interview

By Christian
July 11, 2000 - 9:42 PM

Tyler McLeod at the Calgary Sun has put up an article on 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda', talking to both series star Kevin Sorbo (Dylan Hunt) and executive producer Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. One of the things Sorbo talks about is how he changed for this role after 'Hercules', losing almost 20 lbs. in the process:

"I dropped the weight, I'm lean and mean, but I'm still in shape. I can still kick butt. After working out 80 hours a week and going to the gym every darn day for seven seasons, I just said, you know what? Why can't I just have a different physicality?"

Not surprisingly though, Sorbo is planning to let Keith Hamilton Cobb, who plays Tyr Anasazi, handle the rippling muscles department: "He's about 6-ft.-5 and 265 (lbs.). He's got about 2% body fat on him -- he's huge! He can do the one-armed pullups. I'll just watch."

However, in the interview Majel Roddenberry indicates that Sorbo doesn't have much chance of that, laughing that "as the producer, I can say his shirt is going to be off just as often as I can get there."

The full interview can be found by following this link!

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