Dorn And Sirtis On Trek X Script

By Lisa
June 11, 2001 - 12:10 PM

With shooting on the next Star Trek film set to begin later this year, some of the actors involved with Trek X have already been sent the script to review. Over the weekend at the Star Trek & Sci Fi Media Convention in Durham North Carolina, Michael Dorn (Worf) and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) gave their reactions to the script.

Star Trek X will be, in the opinion of Sirtis, "better than 'Insurrection'." She was careful in choosing her words and reluctant to give out too much information at this early stage, but she felt that each character in the movie will be handled well. She said that this movie will renew the faith of fans in the Next Generation. Sirtis commented that Trek X will act almost like a final chapter to the Next Generation characters, but hoped the TNG movies will continue.

Sirtis also denied a long-standing rumour about the movie, by revealing that no-one will die in the film. Previous rumours have suggested that Captain Picard or even Data would meet their demise in the film.

Deep Space Nine and Next Generation star Dorn remained true to his stoic Klingon character and stayed tight-lipped about the script. He did confirm however, that the movie will feature one character cameo from another series.

Sirtis read Dorn's script earlier last week, and was delighted and shocked to see that Troi will again have a moment of piloting the Enterprise, as she did in 'Star Trek: Generations.' Predictably, she did not reveal whether the Counsellor's piloting skills would again wreck the ship.

Troi has chosen the man she wants to be with, according to the actress. She said that at the end of the last film, it was quite clear that Will Riker was her choice, and was confident that this would be reflected in the new film. Previously, reports about the movie place the opening scene as a marriage between Riker and Troi in Alaska; (story) but Sirtis did not confirm or deny that this would take place.

Many thanks go out to JC for sending us this report! As usual, please be aware that no plot info has yet been released by Paramount, and until then any Star Trek X news should be treated as you would any rumour.

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