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Park Thanks Fans and Plans Vacation

By Michelle
May 11, 2005 - 9:45 PM

"I sort of felt in the last week like it was the end of high school again with signing of yearbooks and barbecues and bittersweet moments," wrote Linda Park of the final days of Star Trek: Enterprise, the series where she has played Hoshi Sato for the past four years. "I had a wonderful last week at work and everyone, I felt was in great spirits."

Writing in the forum for her official web site, Park apologised to fans for having been away so long and said that 2005 had been a whirlwind thus far for her. "I feel very good about moving on [to] the next phase of my life and I have been feeling that it was time for this past year...funny how the universe will give us just what we need!" she wrote. After Enterprise, she said, she felt an urgent need for a vacation, but an audition intervened.

"They tested me for another show on CBS about lawyers - since it was such a good script I couldn't say no," she explained. But the audition required her to sign a binding contract before she had even met with the executives. She found herself facing a six-year contract before she had even completed her current contract with Paramount, but the writers ended up modifying the role to a young man, "and as much of a chameleon I like to consider myself, I think that is a far stretch for me."

So instead of joining a new series immediately, Park will be taking a vacation in Europe. She thanked fans for their support and loyalty, saying she had had "a blessed four years" on Enterprise and saying she greatly enjoyed the final episodes, particularly the Mirror universe duology: "It is the most fun I've had in my entire four years on the show."

The original post by Park is here. Thanks to TrekWeb.

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