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'Fallen Hero' Review Round-Up

By Christian
May 12, 2002 - 2:05 AM

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This week's double dose of new Enterprise episodes presented quite a challenge to the net's reviewers, but many have already been able to cover the first episode, 'Fallen Hero'. Below is a round-up of the first six reviews to appear online:

  • Starting with Trek 47, reviewer Brad had one of the most negative opinions of 'Fallen Hero,' grading it only with a C. "Fallen Hero is like so many other Enterprise episodes. It has the same highs and the same lows. There is no real improvement but there's also no sign of the show getting worse. It's just an average episode." To read on, please follow this link.

  • Awarding the episode a B+ grade, T'Bonz at Section 31 felt 'Fallen Hero' was entertaining:

    Good episode. Somewhat predictable, but enjoyable. V’Lar, although seemingly a bit emotional for a Vulcan, was charming and pleasant, the humor throughout the episode was good, the touches of continuity were good. The Vulcans were much better this episode; we’re starting to see a little more variety. Even the captain of the Vulcan ship didn’t seem arrogant. The sickbay ploy was rather obvious, but Phlox’s playacting saved that scene.

    For more, please go here.

  • TrekWeb's O. Deus compared the two episodes that aired on Wednesday to each other, and concluded 'Fallen Hero' was the superior offering. "Written and directed by Star Trek first timers, Fallen Hero is proof that new blood can produce great episodes. Desert Crossing seems to be proof of the exact opposite," O. Deus wrote in his review.

  • CJ Carter at ScoopMe! commented on the implications of the episode for T'Pol: "This was a rough ride for T'Pol. In the end, her hero became not only more respected, but also, in a way, more human (in the good, small "h", kind of way). V'Lar's parting comments also raised the stakes a little with T'Pol's mission on Enterprise. Archer and T'Pol are a microcosm of the Human/Vulcan dynamic. If they can not only learn to trust one another, but to also become friends, then so too might the two species as a whole." The full review can be found here.

  • Like the episode itself, Keckler's recap at Television Without Pity starts right in the middle of the action:

    Oh! Oh! We missed something wacky that rapscallion T'Pol said, because Trip and Quantum are choking on their food and she's looking at them With Rais'd Eyebrow. "'Scuse me?" Trip splutters. "I asked if you --" T'Pol starts to say, but Quantum finally gets his voice cleared of food and interrupts, "We heard you! What makes you think we're suffering from a lack of sexual activity?" T'Pol explains that Starfleet forbids officers from "fraternizing" with subordinates. "So unless you're violating those regulations…" T'Pol says, only to be interrupted by Trip saying, "Those regulations don't apply to you [here he exchanges leers with Quantum], have you been suffering?" "On Vulcan we mate only once every seven years," T'Pol states calmly. "That's a helluva dry spell," Trip sniggers. Um, hi? Yeah, I do believe Kov told you and Reed that very same little factoid in "Fusion." I was willing to overlook the fact that the Vulcan mating cycle is supposed to be a really DEEP, DARK, PRIVATE SECRET, because it's obvious Bermaga just don't care, but Christ on a Cracker, at least plug in long enough to recall that Trip is supposed to already KNOW about the freakin' "dry spell"!

    For the full recap, please follow this link.

  • Matt D. at wrote in his review that 'Fallen Hero' was the better of the two Wednesday episodes, and also commented on the somewhat lacking continuity present in the opening minutes.

A round-up of the reviews of the other episode that aired this Wednesday, 'Desert Crossing', will be posted tomorrow.

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