'Renaissance Man' Photos Online

By Lisa
May 11, 2001 - 3:28 PM

'Renaissance Man' - Copyright Paramount Pictures

New photographs for the last ever regular episode of Star Trek: Voyager 'Renaissance Man' were posted on the the official Star Trek site yesterday.

The site described the episode as follows:

When Delta Quadrant beings take Captain Kathryn Janeway hostage, it's up to The Doctor to fulfill the requirements of their ransom: the U.S.S. Voyager warp core itself. The Doctor must fool his crewmates by holographically assuming their identities, knowing that one false move will result in the immediate execution of his Captain.

The episode was directed by Mike Vejar and written by story editors Phyllis Strong and Mike Sussman from an original story by Andrew Shepard Price and Mark Gaberman.

The photos reveal that the episode will see the return of the Overlookers, the brown potato-like creatures last seen in 'The Void' and 'Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy.' This species spends its time spying on other creatures and reporting their findings to 'the hierarchy.' Voyager was able to use their spying techniques to great effect in 'The Void' to enable them to monitor their enemies.

Another guest star will be Alexander Enberg as Vorik. Enberg is the son of former Voyager executive producer and co-creator Jeri Taylor. Vulcan engineer Vorik was last seen the season five episode 'Juggernaut,' but is one of several recurring minor characters on the show along with Ensign Wildman and Joe Carey.

The following photographs from the episode are taken from the Official Star Trek Site:

'Renaissance Man - Copyright Paramount Pictures
'Renaissance Man' - Copyright Paramount Pictures
'Renaissance Man' - Copyright Paramount Pictures
'Renaissance Man' - Copyright Paramount Pictures

'Renaissance Man' will air next Wednesday at 9 p.m central time on UPN. Full versions of these photos, which remain copyright of Paramount Pictures, can be found here at the official Star Trek site.

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