Special Voyager TV Guide Covers Revealed

By Lisa
May 11, 2001 - 1:19 PM

Copyright 2001 by TV GUIDE Magazine Group Inc.

The Voyager cast were interviewed on the set of the series finale, 'Endgame,' about their thoughts on the end of the show. To commemorate the end of the series TV Guide will be publishing three special edition covers of the magazine showing the Voyager stars. Previews of three of the covers can be found below.

Interviewed on the 'Endgame set by TV Guide, Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway) felt the tension on the set keenly. "In these past few days, everybody has been acting out his or her own particular psychology, and some of it hasn't been attractive," she told Michael Logan. "Each of us in our own way is dealing with the enormity - or lack thereof - of saying goodbye."

Jeri Ryan was looking forward to moving on. "I think we've done everything we can with my character. It's time to wrap," she said. The Seven of Nine actress also spoke about the difficulties on the set when she first joined the show. "No one in an ensemble show is going to like some new person coming in and getting tons of press and story lines, but I think it was toughest on Kate." While she felt for the difficulties Voyager's star must have suffered during her addition to the show, Ryan remained defensive. "I'm sure it was tough for that focus to shift," she said. "But what was I going do - not do press so that I wouldn't step on toes?"

The actor who plays Voyager's Vulcan Tactical Officer, Tuvok, Tim Russ also felt that it was time to say goodbye to Star Trek. "This was all new and exciting when we started, and it's much older now. I think everybody's ready to move on."

Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) meanwhile, mused about some of the roads the show had not taken. "The executive producers could have taken more risks," he commented. "There's a rigid Star Trek template that [has been] set since [executive producer Rick] Berman took over for [Star Trek creator Gene] Rodenberry and we've stuck to that."

'Endgame' will screen on UPN on May 23rd. While fans may be expecting a satisfactory resolution to all of Voyager's character arcs, executive producer Kenneth Biller warns that "Not everything will have a neat little bow."

Mulgrew concluded by expressing that she feels she is heading for an "an abrupt decompression period" now that the series is over. But, she says, "I'm proud of what I accomplished over these seven long years. I will miss the privilege of doing this everyday."

A fourth cover will be on sale exclusively online on May 14th.

A Voyager TV Guide store will also be opening on My 15th, which will selling Voyager merchandise. This will include the 96 framed metallic printers plates used to print the special Magazine covers. These plates, which were actually used in the production of the magazine, will be available as black, yellow, cyan or red printer's plates. Buyers will receive a framed plate that was used to produce the front and back cover of the Star Trek: Voyager online exclusive collector's magazine, plus a copy of the actual printed front & back covers, trimmed from the magazine, and a letter of authenticity on TV Guide letterhead. Click here to visit the TV Guide store.

Previews of the covers are available below, click the images for a larger view, which remain Copyright © 2001 of TV GUIDE Magazine Group Inc.

Copyright 2001 by TV GUIDE Magazine Group Inc.
Copyright 2001 by TV GUIDE Magazine Group Inc.
Copyright 2001 by TV GUIDE Magazine Group Inc.

The full interview with the cast will be published exclusively in TV Guide. Don't forget to visit the TV Guide Store which will have exclusive merchandise and the fourth cover onsale from 14th May.

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