'Voyager' Episode Pictures

By Christian
May 11, 2000 - 8:17 PM

UPN has put up the following ad for 'The Haunting Of Deck Twelve', next week's new Voyager episode. Be sure to wait a few seconds before scrolling down, as otherwise you'd miss the cool 'animated ghost' effect on the image:

'The Haunting Of Deck Twelve' image - courtesy UPN

In addition, UPN has posted the following official synopsis for 'Unimatrix Zero', the season finale, as well as three new photos:

'Unimatrix Zero' image - courtesty UPN, copyright Paramount Pictures An enclave of Borg drones create a virtual escape, a paradise of freedom and nature, which they enter mentally through their regeneration cycles, but which vanishes from memory when they awake. Janeway recognizes this mutation as a potential crevice through which Borg resistance may be encouraged - and with Seven of Nine embarks on an undercover entry into the Borg transponder to plant a target virus.

Two more photos can be found by following this link.

Finally, Dennis Walgaard at StarTrek.nl sends along word he's put up 14 images of the season finale, most of which seem to be from the recent May Sweeps promo video.

Thanks go out to Gustavo Leao for the first two items. Note that the images are copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

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