'Unimatrix Zero' & 'Haunting' details

By Christian
May 11, 2000 - 1:49 PM

Michael Iversen at the Star Trek Universe has put up the following official press release info for 'Unimatrix Zero', this year's Voyager season finale:

Seven of Nine is drawn into a dreamworld that Borg drones inhabit during their sleep cycles---a threat to the Borg Queen's control that Janeway wants to exploit.

Susanna Thompson as the Borg Queen
Mark Deakins as Axum
Jerome Butler as Korok
Joanna Heimbold as Laura

In addition, Timothy Verheecke at WebTrek has put up a transcript of an interview with Susanna Thompson, who guest stars in 'Unimatrix Zero' as the Borg Queen. The interview was originally written by Ian Spelling, presumably for one of the Star Trek magazines. In the interview, we get a few definite hints that this episode will show us the menacing side of the Borg again:

The Borg Queen discovers a disease is runnig rampant among her drones--a disease called individuality. During the regeneration process, some Bort temporarily regain access to memories of their lives before they were assimilated.

"When the Queen learns what is happening, she brings in a drone and asks for his help," Thompson says. "the Queen's testing method is too slow, and she wants to get to the crux of it immediately. He doesn't respond, so she tears apart his cortical array," the actress says. "In effect she becomes a mad scientist, and she's desperately in search of this wiring problem that's allowing this to happen. In the meantime, the Voyager has discovered this as well."

Not to give away too much, but the Borg Queen makes Janeway a most tempting offer. Janeway, of course rejects the proposal, setting in motion a chain of events that won't be resolved until Voyager's 7th season opener which airs next fall.

Follow this link for the full interview.

Finally, StarTrek.com has been updated with the official press release info on 'The Haunting Of Deck Twelve', next week's new Voyager episode. The release contains a two-paragraph plot synopsis, as well as cast and crew info, though most of it was already published by UltimateTV recently.

Thanks go out to Gustavo Leao for the 'Unimatrix Zero' news items!

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