'Enterprise' Season One In The Can

By Caillan
April 11, 2002 - 3:16 PM

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That's a wrap! The Enterprise cast and crew Tuesday completed principal photography on the season finale, 'Shockwave.'

Locations on the last day included the Bridge, Captain's Mess and a Shuttlepod, StarTrek.com reported. Second-unit photography, which does not involve the regular cast members, is set to carry on for the remainder of the week.

Monday was devoted to filming action scenes on board a Suliban ship, which saw John Fleck and James Horan reprising their respective roles of Silik and the humanoid figure, nicknamed 'Future Guy.'

The cast and crew will be able to let their hair down next Wednesday night, when the season officially concludes with a wrap party. Production on season two is set to commence in June, after 10 weeks of hiatus.

'Shockwave,' which airs May 22 on UPN, continues the Temporal Cold War plotline from 'Broken Bow' and 'Cold Front,' according to executive producer Brannon Braga. "The final episode will deal a lot with that, as will the first episode of next year, and you'll learn a lot more about it," he said at the Grand Slam convention in Pasadena recently.

The original report can be found here at StarTrek.com.

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