News Bullets

By Amy
April 11, 2001 - 5:34 PM

  • Actor David Graf (Leskit, DS9’s 'Soldiers of the Empire'; Fred Noonan, Voyager’s 'The 37's') died of a heart attack at an Arizona wedding. Aged 50, he was perhaps best known for his roles in the various 'Police Academy' movies and was also an active member of the Screen Actors Guild. More can be found in this Reuters report.

  • Author Michael A. Martin has begun posting again on the Psi Phi Books BBS.

  • Comedian Andy Dick (EMH Mark II, Voyager's 'Message In a Bottle'), will be appearing in the video clip of Everclear song 'Brown Eyed Girl'.

  • Scarlett Pomers (Naomi Wildman) has been cast in a leading role in new Disney Channel movie, 'A Ring of Endless Light'. More details can be found at her official site, while thanks go out to Darcie Lynn Hambleton for the heads up!

  • Pomers has also been spotted in a 'Target/Tiger Woods' commercial. Again, more information can be found at the actress's official site.

  • The April 12th edition of 'The Washington Post' contained an in-depth look at the career of William Shatner (Kirk), including some brief snippets from behind the scenes at the recent 'Miss USA 2001' pageant, which he hosted. The full article can be found here. Thanks go out to Delta Story for this!

  • The final results and winners in this year's ASC Awards have been announced. More information and complete winners lists can be found at the alt.startrek.creative newsgroup.

  • Today's edition of 'E! News Daily' will reportedly feature a special behind the scenes look at tonight's Voyager episode, 'Q2'. The show airs daily at 6:30pm, while repeats can be seen the following day at 1:00pm.

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