Brannon Braga Interview

By Christian
April 11, 2000 - 9:39 PM

The Science Fiction Weekly has just put up an interview with Brannon Braga, excerpts of which were published a week ago by the Sci-Fi Wire already. As the interview took place before the 'Birth of the Federation' Series V reports, he unfortunately doesn't comment about that, but he does mention several other interesting things. In the first place, Braga talks about the option of letting Trek rest for a while:

People keep saying maybe it's time for Star Trek to take a break, that maybe the franchise has run out of gas. How do you feel about that?

Braga: I have mixed feelings. There's a part of me that thinks, of course it should be given a rest. But there's also a part of me that feels that there's a great opportunity on the horizon to revitalize the franchise, and let's go for it. There are many different arguments. If you let the franchise go for a few years, people could lose interest completely. That's a danger. Then again, if you rush into something, maybe people are just sick of it. And we've discussed this. But I'm very eager to get involved in something new, and add some new dimension to the franchise. And Rick and I are both very eager to do something different, do something that's going to take people by surprise and get them interested in Star Trek again. Hopefully. Those are lofty goals.

Is Paramount holding your feet to the fire to come up with something?

Braga: It's all alchemy. You can't predict what's going to recapture people's interest. At the moment, no, they're not putting our feet to the fire. We're just talking about ideas in the most preliminary fashion. "What if we did this, what if we did that?" And we haven't really nailed down anything yet. So we'll see what happens when we start edging closer to a concept.

In the rest of the interview, Braga talks a bit more about the Series V concept testing he recently confirmed, the importance of paying attention to fan campaigns, his lack of involvement in the tenth Star Trek film, and finally if he will be handing over a lot of the Voyager show-running to Kenneth Biller next year:

I will be stepping away from Voyager, but I'm not right now, nor ... do I have plans to step away until the new series occupies enough of my time to justify stepping away. I just wrote the cliffhanger for Voyager this year. I plan on writing the second part, and plan to continue working on Voyager with Ken, who will be an executive producer next year, until I step away. When I will step away is the big question.

More can be found in the full interview. Thanks go out to Gustavo Leao for pointing me to it!

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