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'Vanguard' Station Crew Announced

By Michelle
March 11, 2005 - 9:16 PM

The crew of the space station Vanguard, featured in Harbinger and other books in the Star Trek: Vanguard saga forthcoming from Pocket Books, will include humans, a Vulcan, an Orion and a reptilian from the Rigel system.

Editor Marco Palmieri revealed the crew names at the TrekBBS, posting that the Vanguard series would focus on nontraditional characters - not in terms of species so much as position, for rather than centering on the captain, first officer, science officer, etc., these books will look at characters with different roles on the station.

Although there will be a base commander, Commodore Diego Reyes, a human of Chilean ancestry born on a lunar colony, other characters will include investigative journalist Tim Pennington, a Cyrano Jones-style trader named Cervantes Quinn, and a reptilian Federation diplomat, Jetanien, assigned to the embassy on Starbase 47 to supervise issues in the Taurus Reach.

Officers will include T'Prynn, a Vulcan seen in the novels Lesser Evil and The Art of the Impossible, now the station's intelligence official; JAG officer Rana Desia, a human from India specializing in interstellar law; a chief medical officer, Ezekiel Fisher, described as the "old man" among the crew; and an anthropology officer, Lieutenant Ming Xiong, specializing in operations in extreme environments and supervising Starfleet's investigation of the Taurus Reach.

There will also be a character labeled a "merchant prince", an Orion named Ganz who is looking for new markets for contraband, and a diplomatic attache working with Jetanien named Anna Sandesjo.

The first novel in the Vanguard series, Harbinger, by David Mack, is scheduled for publication in August. The original crew announcement is here.

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