Hertzler: Novel Is 'Huge And Epic'

By Antony
March 11, 2003 - 4:24 PM

J. G. Hertzler has spoken about his upcoming book where his DS9 character, Martok, takes the spotlight.

"The Left Hand of Destiny is such a wonderful story," Hertzler told TrekWeb. "It involves Ezri Dax in a major way but it's really a Klingon story with Martok, [his wife] Sirella and Worf. And Kahless, it involves Kahless in a big way."

Although a book, Hertzler explained the story was rather epic. "What I like about these books is that it is a saga with lots of action and major character development," he said. "There is as much thematic quality, for me, as a small amount of chronological time. You get the feeling that it's huge and epic. It's not small; it's not a mind game. It feels like a feature versus a television episode."

Fans can expect complex relationships in the book according to Hertzler. "What I love most about it is the relationships themselves," he said. "The characters that are introduced and the characters that already exist from the show. Especially interesting is the relationship between Martok and his wife. It's very, very, very important and it's the fulcrum of the novels."

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The full interview with Hertzler can be found here at TrekWeb.

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