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By Caillan
March 11, 2002 - 4:29 PM

  • Over at TrekWeb, Ken R. Miller has posted a very positive review of the recently released 'Star Trek: Bridge Commander.' "Wow Ė thatís about the only word really needed to sum up the Bridge Commander experience," he wrote. "From start to finish Totally Games has made good on its word and proven every delay worth the wait." The complete analysis can be found here.

  • Equally positive was John Callaham at HomeLan Fed. Here's an extract from his review:

    Finally, Totally Games and Activision have brought that feeling to PC gamers Star Trek: Bridge Commander, and this time you get to command a starship from the big chair rather than a joystick. The result is a game that's a ton of fun to play and is one of the best of the many Trek games that have come down the pike.

    Go here to read the full article, in which the game was awarded a score of 90%.

  • The high scores continued at Ground Bridge Commander. Reviewer Ted Melot praised the gameplay as "intriguing, varied, customizable," and wrote that the graphics were "very pleasing to the eye." Overall, Melot awarded 'Bridge Commander' a score of 95%, adding that "it's not perfect, but it's damn fun. Star Trek: Bridge Commander comes together as a very nice package, definitely one to check out." Read more at the web site.

  • GameSpy's Bernard Dy was slightly more reserved, pointing out that the game suffered from following a "largely linear path." However, he still awarded 'Bridge Commander' a score of 85% in his complete analysis.

  • Over at The Electric Playground, Jason McIsaac would also have preferred more flexible gameplay. Here's what he had to say:

    Bridge Commander's sore spot is that mission structure is not nearly as open-ended as it could be. The game keeps you busy, giving you constant, often explicit instructions--go here, defend this, scan that, blow up the other. The game will autosave at key points. There aren't many ways to deviate from this path.

    Despite this, McIsaac still gave the game a score of 8.5/10 - read why here.

  • "Bridge Commander finally gives fans the chance to experience captaining a Starfleet vessel just as we see on television, through the commanding of an experienced crew," wrote Tyler Sager at Gamepen. Sager liked the well-paced and varied storyline, and awarded 'Bridge Commander' 4 out of 5 stars in his full review.

  • 'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' can be purchased online at and

    Thanks to Blue's News for most of these!

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