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IDW Editors Talk Star Trek Comics

By Michelle
February 11, 2007 - 7:18 PM

IDW Publishing Editor Dan Taylor and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall discussed how canon is defined in the new Star Trek comics franchise and the possibility of incorporating work by previous comics creators in a new interview.

"We are currently focusing on what has aired on television and in the movies as 'cannon' above and beyond what has been published by Pocket Books," Taylor told TrekWeb. "That's not to say that we might not visit the novels. That option has been discussed."

Ryall said that it would be up to Paramount (or presumably now CBS) to tell the comics creators "if we need to make tweaks" to keep stories within franchise canon. "If they allow us to tell a story that contradicts a novel, that means they don't consider that book canon," he added. "Another way of looking at it, the way I approach it, is that stories I like are canon, and stories I don't, well, I block them from my mind."

Asked about the possibility of a New Frontier mini-series, Taylor said, "We have talked to Peter David regarding Star Trek...stay tuned." Ryall said that he had liked previous work by David as well as Jerome Moore and Mike Collins but he liked the idea of discovering new talent, to distinguish IDW from previous Star Trek comics.

As for the possibility of adapting William Shatner's Star Trek novels in comic book form, "There's nothing currently scheduled, but it's not ruled out completely," according to Taylor. Ryall added again that this was because IDW wanted to make its own mark rather than following leads that other Star Trek comics have already pursued.

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