Net Review: 'Harbinger' Entertaining But Empty

By Caillan
February 11, 2004 - 11:30 AM

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An advance review of tonight's Enterprise episode has dished the dirt on one of the most anticipated moments in the show's run.

"TíPol and Trip have hot naked sex this week!" proclaimed 'Hercules' at Ain't It Cool News. He reassured viewers that the events taking place in "Harbinger" aren't some kind of dream sequence. "The chief engineer admits he likes-likes her, the chief science officer takes off every stitch she's wearing, and the pair bone like bunnies."

The two highlights of "Harbinger" for 'Hercules' were "the tremendous fight" between Malcolm Reed and Major Hayes, which he described as "amusing in its refusal to abate", and Jolene Blalock (T'Pol). He said the actress "contributes the best horny Vulcan since 'Amok Time'."

On the whole, however, the episode was rated a mixed bag. "Aside from all the exciting sex and Reedís foray into fight club, not much really happens. For all its entertainment value, this episode doesnít have an idea in its head; itís one of the emptiest installments of Star Trek ever produced."

"Harbinger" was given a score of 3 out of 5, which translates to "actually worth your valuable time", in the full review.

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